Irlen Screener Certification Training Session

Training Fee $800 (includes GST and materials).

Learn how to screen children and adults for Irlen Syndrome, a visual-perceptual problem, and learn how to use Irlen coloured overlays and other interventions to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of Irlen Syndrome. This syndrome affects the brain's ability to accurately process visual information. It can affect reading, writing, studying, academic abilities and performance, and the ability to attend, concentrate, and perform consistently at school and on the job.

Trainer: Judy Pool, M.Ed
Certified Irlen Centre Director
Irlen Institute Pre-Requisites for Irlen Screener Training:
  1. Undergraduate degree and teaching credential or license or graduate degree in areas such as Education, Psychology, Speech/Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling. Two years experience working in the degreed field is also required.
  2. Training and/or experience in Education, Reading, or Learning Disabilities are highly desirable but not specifically required.